At Essence Technolabs, we initialize a project through the following factors:

Project Management Life Cycle (PMLC):

The main aim of our Project Management Life Cycle is to come up with a complete project execution plan. Essence Technolabs ensures strict adherence to the project schedule, in order to establish smooth communication between project management and development teams, project sponsors and user groups. This allows the Essence Technolabs team to spread awareness to all the factions involved in the execution of the project. This way, the specific group has a clear idea of when to start and when to complete the project by.

Project Development Life Cycle (PDLC)

Our Project Development Life Cycle is aimed to define the core activities required to design, develop and test the project. This is to ensure we adhere to key milestones and regularly time the delivery of modules according to the project schedule in order to maintain our award winning reputation.

General Procedures (GP)

These procedures are followed throughout the life cycle of the individual venture. The aim of these procedures is to ensure overall progress is in line with project deadlines, quality benchmarks and budgetary constraints.

Quality Management Lifecycle (QML)

Essence Technolabs follows Quality Management Life Cycle procedures to provide premium quality end-to-end services. Our quality procedures for individual projects are designed after a mutual consultation with the client in order to offer personalised solutions for each client.