Essence Technolabs, an Australian service provider based in Sydney comprises of a young and dynamic team of IT professionals in-house that bring to the table their own individual strengths and competencies. Priding itself as an equal opportunity employer, Essence Technolabs continuously looks to improve and upgrade the skill set of every employee. This is done through the best training programs focusing on all aspects of running a successful Web development and digital marketing agency, and at various levels.


  • To build capable and competent individuals in the organisation in order to deliver business results, redefining technology and the time taken to complete each project.
  • To create a working environment which enhances performance orientation creates an atmosphere suitable for learning.
  • To ensure that all employees are engaged, committed and stay on for a long time in the company.
  • To maximize human potential through vibrant practices and personalised services.

Some important factors for the growth and success of a premium quality organization include the following:

Leadership: How employees feel about the organisation head, senior management and the values/principles of their business in general?

My Manager: How employees feel about and communicate with their direct supervisor?

Personal Growth: What employees feel about training provided and their individual and group projects?

Wellbeing: How employees feel about stress, the pressure at work, and if they are able to enjoy a work- life balance?

My team: Employees feelings towards their immediate colleagues and how well they work together.

Giving Back: Understanding how employees feel about their company’s impact on the society. Thinking about whether that impact is positive or negative.

My Company: The level of engagement employees have in their jobs and towards their organization.

Fair Deal: Are the employees happy with their pay and benefits?

Essence Technolabs have developed specific policies to help employers better understand today’s multifaceted and ever changing range of workplace issues and how they directly relate to that of their own organization.